Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chronicle of Eight Weeks of Country Life

I thought it would be fun to write a chronicle of 8 weeks of country life in France. There had been enough to write about: the passage of the season; what to do in hot weather; new walks and guests; the amazing starry nights; and, of course, the inevitable lovely meals.
I started bravely. However, I got side tracked: my more serious writing was coming along famously; the living room needed painting and curtains; we wanted to try out new games; and we had lots of guests with whom we did fun things.
So I didn’t write a chronicle of 8 weeks of country living in France. And much is the pity. For there was much to report on. Now, it will have to wait until we go again. Until we spend another long period here, following the flow of the land.
For now, all I have are left-overs.