Friday, August 12, 2005

Palatable: Mirabelles

P cut down some hazelnut bushes and revealed a tree full of mirabelles, miniature yellow plums, that were just ripening. We picked all the fruit from the tree, five kiloes, and I made jam:

Boiled the fruit until it was soft. The stones were supposed to float to the top, but they didn't. So I decided to push it through a collander, not having the patience to wait overnight for the juice to have dripped from a jelly bag.
Weighed the pulp and added approximately between 3/4 and 1 time their weight in sugar. Brought to the boil and allowed to bubble for 10 minutes. (Assuming mirabelles, like plums, had a high pectine content. I was right!)
Poured immediately into clean jars, closed them tightly, and turned them upside for better sealing.
We had some this morning with our croissants, and fresh, unpasteurized butter, like you don't taste anywhere else!

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