Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The World at Large

Now that Eva has been spayed, we have let the cats loose in the great, big world outside. I took the hatch out of the cat flap and within twenty minutes both of them were carefully treading in the garden. They love it! Eva is often lying on the grass looking at the flies buzzing around her head. She has caught her first mouse, and has played with it endlessly.
Adam is too lazy for such activity. He will stroll leisurely along the terrace or sit in a strategic spot, grooming his dusty fur.
His interest lies more in eating food than in earning it.
He loves me most when it is breakfast time. The other day he has fondly accepted my stroking his back and scratching behind his ears. He purred cautiously and nuzzled my hand. In fact: he couldn’t have enough of it!

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