Friday, May 23, 2008

Adam and Eve Revisited

Adam and Eve may be undomesticated, but they do seek us out. This warm spring morning I have opened the French windows, and they frolic in and out, almost carelessly aware of where I am. While Eve is rolling on the warm stones of the terrace, I move around with my morning activities. When I come too close she rolls back on her feet and scurries to a neighbouring bush.
When we get up, all three cats are charming the hell out of us on the landing. But this is because they expect a saucer of can food. Adam will rub the furniture and allow us to stroke him, and he rewards us with some nuzzles.
When I return home in the evening, all three are waiting in the hallway. Not for food. They have access to their crunch all day. For my step on the floor, my voice when I address them.
Undomesticated. And craving for human company. That’s our Adam and Eve.

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