Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Daughter-in-law

“Do you like your daughter-in-law?” some of our friends will ask.
The question itself gives away their own doubt about the matter. It offers an opening to gossip: she never allows us to . . . ; she always . . . .
We like our daughter-in-law. (And our possibly future son-in-law, for that matter.)
Because she is the woman of our son’s choice.
Because we try to discover what attracted him to her.
Because she must be wonderful, if he finds her wonderful.
Because we see the intense love they feel for each other.

If she would never allow us certain things, I’m sure she will have good reasons for it, and we will respect them.
And if she always does a particular thing that is strange to us, we will try to understand and accept that.

But the funny thing is, that there seem to be no restrictions in how our daughter-in-law gets on with us. And none in how we get on with her.

Well, of course not! We love her to bits!

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