Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Meat Maffia

Meat is the norm. Wherever one goes for a meal, there is meat on the menu. Or fish for that matter. Vegetarian? Sometimes, for the nerdies, the weird people who whine about animal rights etc.
In an article in the NRC by Dr. H.M. Prast, she argues that our enormous meat consumption is leading to hunger. She suggests that this mentality could be changed by giving people a choice: meat, fish of neither. She tells how at a dinner she was offered a choice, and that her very selection gave her the opportunity to explain why she chose not to eat meat or fish. In itself proof of her theory that meat is the norm.

And so it is. When ordering sandwiches for a meeting, they automatically include lunch meats. Would anybody complain, if they were offered a vegetarian lunch?

Good vegetarian meals are delicious. But even I, when I cook for a crowd, cave in, and offer an animal.

Right! So that is a thing of the past. From now on I will invite the discussion by making non-animal the norm at my table. Even for carnivores!

I’m not weird, just trying to change a mentality.

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