Sunday, July 04, 2010

Journey through Paris

Kibo knows all about our journey through Paris.
Outside Gard du Nord P. kisses me farewell. No worry about his staying behind. No looking back and dragging along. This is the way it goes.
She follows me, sniffing the walls of the apartment buildings where interesting males have left their mark. She is too ladylike to do the same. This is the big city, and it needs to be treated with due respect.
After our half hour walk she is not surprised at all to find P. sipping his cofffee expresse at a sidewalk café just off Gare St. Lazare. Of course he will be there. Isn't he always?
This is when we all board the other train, to be met a little later by that kind man, who will drive all of us to the house in the country.
For Kibo all is well. Although she does need to express her elation by running up and down the garden once she has arrived.
We wish we could do the same.

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