Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Travelling by Public Transport

I’m growing older. I hardly notice it, day by day; even hardly year by year. But then the telltale signs appear. I has happened to me a few times now: a young person getting up for me in the bus: “Would you like to sit here, madam?”
I think of myself as quite fit. I bicycle regularly from one end of town to the other. I walk, I run upstairs a few times daily, and if necessary I will stand in a crowded train. No problem.
But I will always accept an offer of a seat in the metro. Why?
It holds a moment of connection with another person. It makes the other person feel good about herself, and I enjoy their grace too. I will also comment on it: “They say young people know no politeness anymore, but look at you! You are proving them wrong!”
And finally, at times it leads to conversations.
It brings friendliness back into public transport, and that makes the journey a joy!

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