Friday, May 20, 2011


Shopping makes one happy. It must be a truism, because I have never met anyone who does not become cheerful from the quest and the conquest.

It begins with the intention: deciding one needs a new dress, saucepan, or pair of shoes. Then the search can begin. On the net or in actual shops or market stalls.

Trying on the skirt, examining the antique bowl to find it whole; selecting, discarding: these are all steps in the process that leads to the climax: the hit. The object is desired, the price is right, now is the time for the final move: the acquisition.

So yesterday I went to the simple house in the inner city, where I was allowed to operate the sewing machine on which I had set my greedy eyes: it works beautifully, it is a steal.

O! How blissfully I cycled the streets with the purchase in my bag. How I glowed!

Once home I unpacked the machine, cleaned it with a soapy cloth, and cleared out a shelf in the cupboard,

Mission accomplished: I am now the triumphant owner of a second hand sewing machine! Hurrah!

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