Sunday, August 28, 2011

Red Cabbage and Smoked Bacon

When Bernard arrives here, he usually comes laden with good stuff: leeks, eggs, lettuce, red currants. Last year he specially went picking wild plums, and they made a hell of a jam!
Last week his box (like an organic vegetable box!) contained a red cabbage, and I served it when he came to dinner the other day:

Put smoked diced bacon in a cookpot and gently simmer until it has given off its fat and it has shrunk to crispy brown knobs.
Add sliced red onion and fry until golden.
Then sliced cabbage, grated apple, a few cloves, cinnamon and salt.
Simmer very gently, stirring occasionally, until solt. If it tends to get too dry, add a slosh of cider vinegar.
When all soft add enough honey to sweeten, and a slice of gingerbread crumbled up.
Stir until well mixed.
Check seasoning.
Serve with boiled potatoes, and salty sausages, if you wish.

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