Saturday, September 17, 2011

House Swap

Next week we are going to do a house exchange. We've done it before.
First there is the excitement of looking what is on offer. Where would we like to go, and what kind of house would we like. In the meantime we get offers from others. Oh, Italy, we hadn't thought of that.
Fairly soon we had an offer from Devon that looked very attractive. So then the negotiations could start. When would be a good time for you? Can we bring our dog? How far is Dartmoor from your house? When can we meet and exchange keys?
When all that has been arranged a lot more joy of anticipation has been enjoyed than when you book a hotel or a bungalow. I am imagining myself in the house, what the owners are like. I am imagining them in our house. Will they like the many nooks and crannies filled with small treasures?
A house swap is like crawling into another person's skin for a short period of time. You are still you, but you are clad in another's best clothes!
Try it! I recommend it!


Henriette said...

Sounds great!
Did you enjoy it?

Kieke said...

Very much!