Tuesday, September 28, 2004


"How is your novel coming along? Have you made any revisions?"
"Some. Here and there."
"O, have you? Revisions in plot or in characterization? Have you changed the setting? Were they major changes or just an adjustment here and there?"
"Just here and there."
"O right. Yes. Victor Hugo said that once you had your story you should never make any changes. Only small revisions were allowed, but the whole of the story should stay intact. That's what he said, Victor Hugo. Never touch a story, once it has been written. And how long is your novel now? How many pages?"
"Some 90, depending on the spacing of the lines."
"Yes, yes. So what is that? How many lines to the page? I can only count by lines on the page."
"O, I don't know. It'about 40.000 words."
"Well, that doesn't mean anything to me. All I know is how many lines to the page. Are there twenty lines, thirty. You know, that is how I can tell. . . ."
"Yes, well. I really don't know. But I've got to go now! Bye!"
I rushed out the door before we would start discussing fonts.

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