Thursday, February 23, 2006

Seasonal Food: Celeriac Salad

My greengrocer told me that vegetable supplies do not so much follow the seasons as the desires of the customers. At the end of winter they are fed up with kale and sprouts, and they demand young beans and strawberries. Therefore the farmers grow what the customer wants in their glasshouses or the products are imported from afar. Thus, even though the season and the weather dictate sturdy root vegetables, they are in short supply.

So before they have disappeared from the market altogether, here is a delicious recipe for celeriac salad:

First make a generous portion of remoulade. Mix mayonaise with low-fat yoghurt, strong mustard, crème fraîche for silky texture, lemon juice or cider vinegar or both, salt and pepper.
Slice and peel a bulb of celeriac, and grate straight into the dressing to avoid discoloring. Add chopped parsley, mix thouroughly and allow to stand for a few hours, if possible, to give the flavours the chance to marry.

Even better the next day, and all in all no comparison to the bought version!

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