Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Force of Communication

The other day we had a discussion about communication. The young son of friends claimed that 80 % of communication is non-verbal. The father, who likes to challenge his children with intellectual matters, denied that. He spoke a sentence about democracy with a lot of difficult words, and said, “I couldn’t possibly convey this notion without words.”
To me that was not communication. But what is?
It seems that women choose a partner who will strengthen the immune system of their offspring. They select him on the basis of smell. Forget about his poetic serenades and his gorgeous torso! Here the interchange goes through the nostrils.
Another study claims that the timbre of a man’s voice is meant to impress his peers. Bollocks! I believe its purpose is to captivate the hearts of women. The father I mentioned earlier has a beautiful deep voice that I find very seductive. I don’t care what he says. He can win me over purely with the sound of the words he speaks, not with their meaning. How verbal is that?!
So what is communication? The exchange of ideas? Feelings? Affection?
Do we care as long as it is seductive and pleasant?
I don’t!

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