Monday, September 18, 2006

Adam or Eve

One of the kittens has escaped. Someone inadvertently left the door of the quarantine room open, and Adam or Eve saw its chance. Soon after I spotted him in the garden. But how does one catch an undomesticated cat?
We called in the auxiliaries: the animal shelter, the cat finder, the animal ambulance. Leave food out for the stray and hire a trap cage, they said.
This we did. We left a bowl of cat food in the shed, and a day later we put the trap cage there. Within two hours we saw Adam (or Eve) sitting outside the shed, and five minutes later we heard the clang. Bingo! Bob’s your uncle!
We released a very angry kitten into the quarantine room, who immediately scurried behind the piano.
The adventure has almost been forgotten. He is still a little more wary of our movements. But the two are playing wildly again, even when we are in the room.
Case closed.

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