Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Two Brothers

Most of the land in our valley is owned by two brothers, who have not spoken to each other for a decade, after the land was divided by their ailing father. This leads to interesting situations. Like the day when Paul saw brother # 2 frantically backing out of the valley on the narrow road after he had spotted brother # 1 around the corner.
The other night a tractor was stolen from brother # 1’s yard, with some farm machinery attached to it. The thieves tried to exit via one route, got stuck and backed down in the other direction on the dark, winding road. They crashed into the fence of brother # 2, ending up in his field. They left the tractor, which was a total loss.
And then a miracle happened. Brother # 1, after having discovered the theft, called up brother # 2 to warn him that his fence was broken. Together they commiserated the loss of the tractor and the fence.
Brother # 2 told us the story, as if this was the most normal procedure imaginable.
Well, wasn’t it?

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