Monday, October 17, 2011

The First Day

The first day after arrival
we are always so eager.
Off to the market
to stock up
on honey, butter, vegetables,
fresh walnuts.
Eager for the smells,
the silver mist over the fields,
the apple trees laden down.

At home
we hardly have time for coffee,
but we make it to go
with the boule de meringue that we bought.
Grass needs to be mown and
there is lots of weeding to be done.
Look! We have a crop of raspberries,
and the first fig ever!
The grapes are succulent and sweet,
and the lettuces have not been frozen over.
How lucky we are!
So lucky to be here in the cool, warming air,
the pale light against the house,
the dog lying on the sunny terrace,
the cat strutting through the tall stalks of grass.

The first day is never long enough,
never ending.

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