Friday, October 28, 2011

Success Creates Happiness

I wasn’t buying it: success has nothing to do with happiness. You, yourself, need to be prepared to be happy from inside. That is how it works. Outward circumstances have nothing to do with it.
Not so! It has gradually become abundantly clear to me that success indeed does lead to a stronger feeling of well-being.
When I got the job I had hoped for, I jumped in the air. When the children tell us good news, I glow contentedly. And now that I am about to publish a novel, I am ecstatic! I am!
All I need to do to get in a good mood is to think about the story I wrote, about what the cover looks like, about how it feels to hold the actual paperback proof in my hands.
Sorry, I was all wrong, and the psychologists were right: success does lead to an intense feeling of bliss!

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