Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am now connected to the universe via Facebook. Suddenly I plunge into the worlds of artists, writers, publishers and ordinary citizens. To my surprise I am now friends with well-known journalists and novelists, who are apparently not too proud to add me to their circle. Or are they too careless to check? Only one person so far reacted cautiously: “I don’t know you. Why should I want to be connected to you?” A valid question. When I gave her my reason she sent me some kind words.
It feels like walking in a market place.
“O hi. I am telling you I have just moved.” (Or “had a new baby”, or “painted the shed”, or “bought a new car.”)
All very friendly. Not very deep. Never about the death of the cat or the canary. Or a gloomy walk in the rain. No one is depressed.
All on the face of it. A happy face.
It is a tool. A fun tool, so far.

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