Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Writer's Block

Blessed is the writer’s block!
Inevitably it comes assaulting the writer in her self-assurance. Writing is progressing smoothly. The writer is happy.
Then, suddenly doubts assail her. The ever-haunting questions come floating to the surface: Am I on the right track? Is this good enough? Is this how I want it?
The poor writer is plunged into a deep despair.
But no, that is not how it is. This is the moment when the writer is given a chance to reassemble her forces! She is now faced with the necessity to rack her brain, to search in every corner of her mind for better ways, for answers to the unanswerable questions.
The predicament is actually worse than that! She does not even know what the questions are! She does not know where to begin. So she has no choice but to find the questions first. Only then can she begin to see solutions.
And when she sees light at the end of the tunnel, what joy! New ideas come rushing in. The blood starts flowing warmly, excitedly. How exhilarating! It is walking on air. It is a reward fully worth the struggle.
This is what art is all about!
No writing without doubt. No birth without pain.
Getting stuck is an inevitable obstacle on the bumpy road of creation.
Long live the writer’s block!

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