Monday, March 20, 2006

Fig Semi-Fredo or Parfait

I like quick and easy recipes with a pretense of chic!
For a time I have been looking for an icecream that does not need to be stirred while it is getting frozen. I realized it needed to be rich in fats to crowd out the water cristals. Jamie Oliver finally gave me the answer.
We had it yesterday and it absolutely came up trumps! We had it with dried figs, but any experimenting is possible with the basic recipe.
Easy? Dead easy!

Separate 4 large eggs. Beat the yokes with 50 grams of sugar until pale and foamy. Beat 500 ml double cream to a soft peak stage, but no further. Beat the egg whites very stiff with a pinch of salt in a very clean bowl. (Wipe with vinegary paper towel to degrease!)
Have ready: 400 grams of dried figs (I soaked them a little in warm water to soften them.) and three tablespoons of honey, pulsed together in the food processor.
Mix all ingredients together as gently as possible. Freeze.
Take out of the freezer into the fridge in time to make the parfait pliable.

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