Friday, March 10, 2006

Playing with Food

Someone is playing games with our dog, Tazi. Games with his enormous appetite for food. He does not just like it; he loves and adores it, craves it, goes crazy about it. So someone has decided to play hide and seek with food: I hide, you seek, and your owners try to prevent the fun altogether, so you’d better be quick.
Who this person is, is unclear. Is it a person who wants Tazi to find the sandwiches and half-torn bags of crisps, or is it a teaser who mocks his craving?
Sometimes the sport is fun. A schoolboy’s packed lunch is hidden in a crevice of a wall. So Tazi needs to scrape with his paws and nuzzle with his snout to claw the goodie bag out. The only real challenge is to eat it before the mistress has arrived on the spot. Piece of cake.
At other times the game is mean. One time it must have been a nasty cat who hid the bread. She had hung slices of it on some branches of the trees.
Tazi went wild! He knew the bread was there. But however frantically he ran around the area where he could smell it, he could not catch it.
Mean. Mean.

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