Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The witch-hunt on ms Hirsi Ali has been opened, because she has committed crime number one against the Netherlands: she has LIED.
Dutch people never lie. They don’t embezzle money, they are not tax dodgers, and politicians are always open and straightforward. Nobody ever lies in the Netherlands, except asylum seekers. They lie all the time, and when they are found out: “Off with their heads!”
Don’t get me wrong. I belong to the anti Hirsi Ali camp. I think she is a stubborn, self-promoting fanatic, fighting the right cause in the wrong way. I think she polarizes, antagonizes, I think she is pigheaded. And she has cleverly used the Dutch Liberal Party for her own ends.
Far more shameful, however, is the dishonesty of that Dutch Liberal Party. They knew all along that Hirsi Ali had lied about her refugee story. They never minded, because they had fallen in love with her. They were all buzzing around her like bees around a flowering bush. But now that her usefulness has been played out, now that her lying has been made public, now they are crucifying her. She lied, so she is not entitled to her Dutch citizenship. “Off with her head!”
Shakespearean drama in the Low Countries!

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