Thursday, July 07, 2011


When we arrived the house was hiding itself. Not just behind the shutters we had closed; it was surrounded by knee high grass and the walls were covered by vine shoots and weeds. We know it takes a while to unveil, so we started gradually.
We also want to plant new things. Therefore we went to St. Pierre on Monday to buy lettuce and tomato plants, petunias for the borders and flowers for the window boxes: impatiens for the North windows, and verbena for the south facing windows.
P. started mowing the grass and clearing part of the field for the new vegetable plot and I attacked the compost heap. After some digging I found the right stuff, and I removed plants that had decided that there was no better place to be than the pantry!
These plants turned out to be potato plants, probably sprouted from spuds that had been cleared away before our departure. Already a few new potatoes were forming, and I decided to give them a chance in P.'s newly created plot.
No idea how they will survive the transplant, but worth a try!

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