Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hiding my Head in the Sand

I hope I am getting better at this: hiding my head in the sand. For the Second Coming is at hand. Things Fall Apart. The centre cannot hold.
I prefer not to see it. I am powerless as it is. We do what we can, but to what avail? It is pathetic the way we dutifully separate our garbage, dry the laundry on a line, travel by train. We don’t drive a car during our daily lives, we cycle against the wind. Please, keep me ignorant of how pointless it is.
Nor do I want to hear about American lawlessness or wars in Africa. My knowing cannot change that. I contribute to Amnesty International, and that’s it. It is quixotic to attempt to create a better world in such a futile manner, ridiculous, pointless. However, it is the best I can do.
So let it be. Let me look the other way. And enjoy our children growing up, evening meals with friends, walks on the beach, a night sky littered with stars.
The world will come to an end regardless of our efforts to stop it. So allow me to hide in the corner.
Allow me. Let me be.

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