Monday, October 20, 2008

Apple Day

Today I've handled more apples than ever in my life!!

I made apple pie, and apple sauce from more of the one apple shown above: a beautiful pink, silky dessert, that tastes wonderfully tart and velvety at the same time.

But most of all I have cut up two full apple baskets and cooked them to a pulp and strained them through colander lined with a cloth, ladle after ladle. Dumping the stiff residue into the compost bin and ladling more watery pulp into the colander, and more, to made a juice. Eventually I hope to have collected enough juice to make apple butter by cooking it to a thick siropy consistency. No sugar added, it should turn into a delicious spread. An experiment that is a lot of work, but will hopefully turn out wonderful!

In between the apples we went to the market, and had lunch with fresh bread and Camembert cheese, and we went for a walk with the dog. And I cooked lotte according to a recipe in our French cookbook, and spinach. Spinach from the biologic farmer, with holes in the leaves where slugs had tasted it before us. And found it satisfying.
And so did we!

All in all a fruitful day!

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