Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dog Breeds

Since we have had Kibo, our imperfect Rhodesian Ridgeback, we have inadvertedly joined a new class of dog owners. These are people who have dogs for their breed and not their character. And o, no! That is not the same thing. Character has to do with friendliness, attachment, playfulness.
Although these characteristics may be typical of a certain kind of dog, breed is also about looks, about breed standard, about being a typical specimen of the type. And thus it is about snobbery.
Today we met a friendly couple on the beach whose Rhodesian Ridgeback would only play with dogs of her own class. The owners understood, because Ridgebacks amuse themselves in a way that is different from other dogs, they assured us.
Bullocks! Kibo enjoys fooling around with all types of dogs, as long as they like to run and growl and bite in a friendly way.
Nothing uppity about her!

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