Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kibo and Minoumie

Kibo is a hunting dog. A lion hunter, in fact. Which is great for conversation starters, but not much else. We particularly did not want a dog who chased animals, considering the farmland around us. We couldn’t afford to have angry farmers, calling us to make claims.
So the society for Rhodesian Ridgebacks found us a replaceable dog, who was not a hunter. And indeed, Kibo will never run after a wild animal or a tame one.
Except cats. Cats, our other housemates both in the Hague and here!
I suspect her previous owners used her to get rid of feline visitors in their garden, but for us it was a nuisance. Initially, the dog’s entrée into the household involved a lot of screaming: “No! Kibo!” “Down, Kibo!”
Over the summer Minoumie, our French cat, learnt to evade her. The cats in Holland hardly tried, and just live in the cellar.
But things are looking up. This time, Kibo shows more respect for Minoumie. The cat now spends her time as usual: lying on the best chair in the house. And Kibo walks around her, and most of the time ignores her.
Only when Minoumie leaves her throne to find her food, does Kibo try to pursue her. Not the chase of a hunter. The chase of a good-natured dog, who stands there wagging her tail, and does not understand why this animal won’t play with her like the dogs she meets on her walks in the woods. Minoumie still does not quite trust her. But she will allow Kibo more benefit of the doubt.
There is hope for our cats in the Hague!

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