Sunday, October 26, 2008

Paris on Sunday

On the square outside the station the clochards are drying their laundry. They have laid out pants, t-shirts and sweaters on the grid of the Métro. The clothes are billowing in the hot air. The owners sit against the wall with their dogs, basking in the sun and gossiping.
The sunny morning has driven people out of their homes to walk their dogs, buy a baguette, or a packet of cigarettes. Or to have coffee on a side walk café. Parents are taking their children to the park.
Sunday means lunch with the family. Many fresh bouquets in the hands of daughters or grandparents will soon be passed on to their hosts. Mothers are taking their only sons out for a meal. Restaurants are packed with families enjoying nice food and a glass of wine.
Life is good on a Sunday in October and Paris is smiling.

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