Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sea Lavender and Samphire

Sea lavender and samphire both grow in the salty marshlands behind the sea. They are in season now. The fishmonger will sell them, rather than the greengrocer.
To prepare: soak them in water for a while to get the worst of the salt out. Samphire only needs to be poured over with boiling water, and can be used in salads, in pasta dishes, or just as a side dish with fish.
Sea lavender behaves like a leafy green vegetable. It may be stir fried with onion (and garlic if you wish).
Last night I cooked some thinly sliced red onion in olive oil in the oven (200ยบ C), added the drained sea lavender, mixed it in and laid a slab of white fish on top. Drizzled some olive oil on the fish and slid it back into the oven. Cooked it for as long as the fish needed to be done, but still moist; 10 minutes approximately.
Delicious with new potatoes. Serve a salad before as a starter, or after.

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