Monday, January 02, 2006

Opinionated People

I am getting fed up with hearing the staunch opinions of people. No subject is safe from small talk at the dinner table. Homelessness, drug trafficking, but especially the Islam and the position of women, including burkas and the like, are great favourites. With great dexterity vicious swords, dealing with these issues, are slashing about at parties. Solutions are flying around: this should be forbidden, that not allowed. If only the politicians would listen to these knights in armour, there would be no war, no misery. All would be fine and dandy.
It is precisely these opinionated fops that make the world such a scary place. They have no doubts, only fear of the unknown, which they would banish with verve, if they could. They have no respect for weaklings like me who waver. They blurt their statements straight into my face, insisting, “Right? Aren’t I right?” They have no patience to hear me stammer, “I don’t know. I really don’t know,” and sigh at so much indifference to the troubles of the world. If only the likes of me would pay better attention.
Well, I have no patience with them anymore. I am fed up with being bulldozed over, just because I show doubt and indecision. I will no longer be bullied into agreeing. From now on I will outlaw useless discussions in my immediate neighbourhood. I will stick a banner on my forehead, saying: “I DO NOT DISCUSS POLITICS WITH ANYONE.” I will finally be strong and opinionated myself: discussions are pointless, they are no longer allowed in my presence.
So there!
This is my opinion.
Until I waver again.

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